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Taking good care of a pet can be a big drain on a family’s budget. Looking after a dog may cost more than £20,000 if it lives to an old age while a cat could cost as much as £10,000. Obviously few people will quibble about paying such fees for a beloved family member but it seems sensible to make some savings whenever it is possible to.

There are many expenses associated with adequately looking after a family pet like pet insurance, pet food, kenneling expenses as well as veterinarians fees. Many of these areas are difficult to make any cost savings in because you cannot really argue with a veterinarian about how much he’s charging you or with kennelling service fees. It’s possible to save money on food as well as other equipment like leads, coats, flea control collars etc by shopping at websites that provide online pet supplies. These are generally much less expensive than pet stores or supermarkets in relation to getting food as well as other essentials for your family pet.

Discount pet supplies can make a real difference to the amount of money your pet can cost you each year and in these financially turbulent times that can only be a positive thing. Since the credit crunch 1000s of pets have been abandoned by their owners because they can no longer afford to look after them properly. This has lead to animal sanctuaries as well as pet shelters becoming full with unwanted pets and a large number of them will be destroyed if a home can’t be found for them.

There are lots of great web sites that offer online pet supplies and many of them will provide next working day shipping on nearly all goods that they sell. The mix of convenience and fantastic value is hard to beat and will make your life a lot easier. Other locations you can search for low cost bargains include the pet classifieds and horse classifieds of papers and also pet publications,

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