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Jewellery provides the finishing touches to any outfit which enables it to transform an otherwise typical dress in to something remarkable. Luckily you don’t have to spend a pile of cash to look like a million dollars when you’re going jewellery shopping this summer. This summer it is easy to acquire some good bargains particularly if you’re looking online.

This year there are several excellent brand new ranges of fashion jewellery available in the shops and on-line from leading creative designers like Adele Marie, Anna Lou and . The range of Adele Marie costume jewellery could be of particular interest to jewellery fans who adore exquisitely made and designed handmade jewellery at a price which is hard to believe. The latest collection of earrings and bracelets features a lot of pearls finished with satin ribbons to produce pieces which can be worn at any time of the day or night.

The Lola Rose designer jewellery brand was introduced in 2000 by the celebrated jewellery designer Nicola Gerwitz. Since it was first launched the collection of jewellery has grown to be hugely popular and has attracted a devoted following in numerous countries around the world. This season natural materials such as quartz, onyx and blue sandstone feature heavily in the new collection of earrings and necklaces. These items bear all of the hall marks and artistry of much more costly range of jewellery and you can easily understand why the Lola Rose range of jewellery inspires such faithfulness in its followers. The range of necklaces follows a similar design with oversized quartz hearts and black onyx and blue sandstone a recurring theme.

Pistachio jewellery is one of the most stylish and sophisticated ranges of jewelry which is at present on the market.. Countless stars and celebs have been pictured dressed in Pistachio jewellery and its popularity is increasing all the time.

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