Nitro RC Cars Are Brilliant Fun

The hobby of creating and racing radio control cars has grown massively in the uk in recent times with a large number of people taking up the activity. There are numerous clubs across the country where enthusiasts can meet to race and have some fun with other RC car enthusiasts.

If you happen to be new to the world of Radio controlled cars there are 2 main types of cars available-on road and off road. Off road model cars have fully functioning suspension and they are ideal for use on an array of terrains and are ideal for doing stunts and tricks. Road cars as suggested by its name are for use on roads and flat or paved surfaces where their better top speeds can be put to good use.

Both on road and off road cars can be driven in several ways. There are electric cars which use a rechargeable electric battery to power the car, nitro or fuel run which employs a nitromethane mixture and gas powered models that run on pre-mixed petrol and oil. These methods provides their unique benefits and drawbacks with electric styles recommended for beginners and nitro powered cars having the ability to achieve the very best top speeds.

When you’re buying a new RC car there are two options open to you. You may either buy one that is pre-built or go for a kit car that you put together yourself. Kit cars are usually suggested for the more experienced enthusiast because they allow far more range for tweaking and tuning to obtain optimum overall performance. Ready built cars are ideal for the novice and intermediate levels because they provide lots of enjoyment and fun with no technical or specialist knowledge necessary to get them going.

The amount of money that RC cars costs may vary from £50 to over £300. An excellent entry level RC car can be purchased for just £100 while more expensive nitro RC cars retailing for more than £300. Among the best on the market right now is the Schumacher Fusion 28 Turbo 1:10 Touring Nitro RC Car. This car has to be seen in action to be believed with an amazing top speed of more than 80 mph and precision handling and control.

RC cars are great for all the family and it’s a terrific hobby for a novice as start up costs are low and you just need enough room to drive your car.

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