Time Management Skills Can Make You More Productive 0

Time as we know is precious and if you’re not managing your time correctly you will feel stressed, under pressure and at times harassed both in your work and private life. Personal time management has a number of objectives the aim of which is to help you to take control of your workload reducing the levels of stress that you encounter.

The objective of these techniques is to increase personal organisation, prioritisation and forward planning so you will never miss a deadline day again, lose or misplace important paperwork and have a timetable that contains only important and meaningful appointments.

There are a selection of personal techniques that when used correctly let you become more productive and more efficient which frees up valuable spare time. One area where these techniques can help nearly all people with a hectic schedule is e mail management. E-mail can be equally a blessing and a curse to people with a busy schedule. Research conducted recently indicated that lots of individuals looked at their email up to 30 or more times each hour or so and were assigning far too much importance to low priority e-mails. Quick and easy time management techniques can significantly decrease the amount of time that you spend writing or responding to e-mail every day.

Stress is rife inside the modern working environment and is among the leading causes of absenteeism in the place of work. Due dates, anxieties in relation to job security and modern communication devices that mean you are never far from work can all increase stress levels. Having greater time management skills is the best way to lessen your levels of stress and also enable you to handle an array of situations more successfully. Some elements of these kinds of skills consist of personal productivity skills, journaling, meditation and conflict resolution skills which add up to a well-balanced approach that is going to make you more successful and a lot less stressed.

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